The European College of K-Practic

Amazing Low Force, "Magic Fingers" Chiropractic, without the 5 years of College!
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The European College of K-Practic

Announcing, a new College Course that’ll give you

 security for the rest of your life …!


This is a totally new and revolutionary  system of therapy…which switches off people’s pains  like a miracle.

And you’ll be doing it from your very first lesson!

Here’s what’s on offer:

A Two-Year College Diploma  course in K-Practic ,

( leading to full registration and licence to practice as a K-Practor, anywhere in the world. )
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  • A DVD course teaching you all the basic K-Practic techniques.
  • DVD courses teaching you advanced techniques for Leg/Foot , Shoulder, Elbow/Arm/Hand, Lower Back, Visceral problems etc.

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Dear colleague,

largethe lucrative field of PAIN RELIEF has long been  dominated by medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and another such professionals.Training in those professions is long and very expensive.

Typically up to $500,000 for a young person in the USA, between tuition and maintenance.

Now for the first time in history the ordinary intelligent man or woman, with a desire to heal, can 

break into this field with no legal problems and no fear.

Ronnie Turner, founder of the European College of K-Practic


You can learn new, totally safe, simple techniques, which will enable you to  switch off pain in the back, neck, limbs and indeed anywhere in the body.

  • You will not be involved in “diagnosis” in any sense.
  • No “bone cracking” or manipulation involved.
  • You will not interfere in any way with medically prescribed treatment.
  • You’ll be doing only safe techniques which won’t get you in legal trouble. You’ll be in an exempt category of body workers who can practice freely and without complication.
  • You will have full membership of the European Association of K-practors.



“Amazing new low-force techniques, instantly helping  back,neck and limb pain…easy to learn,

safe and legal for all alternative practitioners”.
You can learn new, totally safe, simple techniques, which will enable you to  switch off pain in the back, neck, limbs and indeed anywhere in the body.

 Register your interest and apply for information.

The K-Practic DVD lessons…

Doing wonders with a little press of the fingers.

  • Specific protocols for migraine and headaches: melt even severe headaches (chronic or acute) in seconds on one patient after another! We show you actual cases on the videos.
  • Sciatica and disc pain program! Learn how to turn off even sciatica of many years duration in minutes.
  • Shoulder and arm pain, sorted out in seconds!
  • Discover how to relieve or cure the pain of lumbar and cervical disc herniations, gallstones, kidney stones, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, sports injuries etc.
  • Painful knees, an amazing program that works instantly.
  • Spinal and paraspinal pain is switched off in seconds!
  • Arthritis, believe it or not is often small misalignments in the joints and  muscle problems. Learn to switch it off.
  • Relieve TMJ and masseter muscle tenderness in seconds, even for the chronic sufferer!
  • The new methods of K-Practic will astound you as a practitioner, and the patients. Even chronic abdominal pain can be gently switched off. It’s been called a manual nerve block.! Great for the chronic IBS sufferers.
  • Restore full neck motion and improve brain circulation, with simple, safe protocols.
  •  Replace  chiropractors, osteopaths, reflexologists, acupuncturists,  physiotherapists and masseurs for most practical pain relief work
  • Work anywhere, because your skill is in your hands.
  • Cut out the costs of running expensive offices, and just practice from home.
  • Choose your hours of work and/or use your skills to supplement your usual work.
  • Gain the praise and appreciation of your family and friends as you cure their aches and pains. 
  • Become a celebrity in your own area and circle with your new skills, which will always be in demand.
  • Tuition tailored to your individual requirements and knowledge.

They laughed when I said I wanted to be a chiropractor …!

rtreporterOzWay back in 1972 I was a well-paid, top television reporter with the ABC in Sydney Australia. My official title was Industrial Affairs Reporter and I had an office of my own in Trades Hall in Sydney… right in the middle of China town.

To make a long story short, I got hooked on Chinese medicine and acupuncture and went to Acupuncture College in Sydney for a number of years.  When I returned home to Ireland to a good  job as a TV Reporter with RTE (Irish Television ) in 1975, I found that my heart was more in healing people than reporting riots in Belfast and strikes in Dublin.

Friends and family were aghast when I said  I wanted to give up my job to study  chiropractic and support myself doing acupuncture.

“Are you mad Ronnie. You’ve a good well paid job and prestige as a leading  TV reporter. These strange therapies will never catch on ! 

You’ll never make a living.”

groupcastle1smallLuckily for me , my faith in acupuncture and chiropractic were well placed, and I got fabulous results, which resulted in my practice becoming very successful.

Relieving people’s pains and restoring their well-being gives me a unique sense of satisfaction , which for me has never faded.

Financially I did very well. I made millions over the years. I even came to own my own  castle in Co. Wicklow, near the Irish capital, Dublin.

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The European College of K-Practic started in Glanmore Castle, Ashford, Co. Wicklow in 1996 with a group of MD’s keen to learn chiropractic methods. The College is now launching its new courses, with openings for every grade of student.

I know your fears and doubts…!

I know exactly how fearful you are, as a prospective student. That’s why my training is  designed to be totally easy to follow, with no jargon or B.S.

     Step by Step Guide.

  • Videos of actual treatments, filmed in our busy Clinic.
  • the exact positions of the “holds”
  • Pictures, Diagrams, Illustrations which allow you easily to go from “knowing  nothing” to being an expert in this field.

See it before you believe it!    

Check out these videos

You can start learning the amazing K-Practic techniques immediately, and for free.

Just click below to claim your free view solid instruction videos.

The videos includes many techniques you can immediately implement.

Advanced College Course for Health Professionals who wish to set up a K-Practic Practice


Flexible Tuition Options and Preceptorships Available.

  • Optional hands-on training at the Clinic of Advanced Alternative Medicine, founded by Dr Ronald J.Turner, in Dublin, Ireland.       
  • Written exam by the Board of the Association of K-practors
  • Full K-practic Professional Diploma
  • Mentorship for two years.

Foot and Leg

Master Class DVD’s     €150.00

Order the DVDs

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There’s no recession for the skilled

K-Practor who can switch off pain!

It took me 30 years to learn these techniques and put the whole program together.  

Professionals in this field  jealously guard their secrets.

I was always earning well as an alternative practitioner, because I studied every modality I could find.

I never allowed anyone to tell me I couldn’t get into this or that field. And I had to pay  well for the really good stuff I learned …the real secrets of curing pain.

But remember, the pioneers who launched chiropractic and osteopathy had only minor skills and little education.

There was no internet and no one to learn from. They developed the science over years, from the few things the the pioneers taught them.

The miniscule amount of money you’ll spend on gaining this skill, will most likely come back  to you within weeks or months within months…

After that, you’re always in profit.

And once you have a skill like this IN YOUR HANDS you’ll always be in demand.

You’ll be able to deliver more than most chiropractors, masseurs, body workers, with  these amazing new techniques.

Here’s your guarantee…

If you implement the techniques we present to you in these training courses, we  guarantee you will regard it as the best value you ever invested in !

The course is best suited for serious students of healing, such as medical doctors, acupuncturists, reflexologists, massage therapists and various types of body worker. Practitioners who want to widen their scope and treat more conditions successfully.

The techniques are non-invasive and simple. You would have to be trying hard, to get yourself into any trouble.

Order the DVDs

Look for more info and get  your bonus

Free View Training!

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Chiropractor and general practitioner of alternative therapies full time since 1976. Practicing in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland and providing Koren Chiropractic (KST), German homoeopathic treatment, Matrix Energetics (Instructor Level), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , Age Regression Hypno-Therapy, Emotion Code (Dr Bradley Nelson ), Allergy Testing, Mineral, Vitamin and Heavy Metal Analysis, Now Therapy, Bio-Resonance Therapy (Medical Dowsing) and Radionic Therapy.

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