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Learn the Secrets of Safe Effective Pain Relief

An expert’s lifetime experience handed to you on a DVD…


Now Ready: K-Practic Basic Course.

Details on request.

  •  Specific protocols for migraine and headaches: melt even severe headaches (chronic or acute) in seconds on one patient after another! We show you actual cases on the videos.
  •  Sciatica and disc pain program! Learn how to turn off even

sciatica of many years duration in minutes.

  •  Shoulder and arm pain, sorted out in seconds!
  •   Discover how to relieve or cure the pain of lumbar and cervical disc herniations, gallstones, kidney stones, degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, sports injuries etc.
  • Painful knees, an amazing program that works instantly.
  •  Spinal and muscle  pain is switched off in seconds!
  •   Arthritis, believe it or not is very often non-treated  small misalignments in the joints and muscle problems. Learn to switch it off.
  • Relieve TMJ and masseter muscle tenderness in seconds, even for the chronic sufferer.!
  • The new methods of K-Practic will astound you as a practitioner, and the patients. Even chronic abdominal pain can be gently switched off. It’s been called a manual nerve block ! Great for the chronic IBS sufferers.
  •  Restore full neck motion and improve brain circulation, with simple, safe protocols.
  • Replace chiropractors, osteopaths, reflexologists, acupuncturists, physiotherapists and masseurs for most practical pain relief work
  • Work anywhere, because your skill is in your hands
  • Cut out the costs of running expensive offices, and just practice from home.
  • Choose your hours of work and/or use your skills to supplement your usual work.
  • Gain the praise and appreciation of your family and friends as you cure their aches and pains.
  • Become a celebrity in your own area and circle with your new skills, which will always be in demand.

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 Posted on : March 27, 2014 - Last updated on Jun 2, 2014


Chiropractor and general practitioner of alternative therapies full time since 1976. Practicing in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland and providing Koren Chiropractic (KST), German homoeopathic treatment, Matrix Energetics (Instructor Level), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , Age Regression Hypno-Therapy, Emotion Code (Dr Bradley Nelson ), Allergy Testing, Mineral, Vitamin and Heavy Metal Analysis, Now Therapy, Bio-Resonance Therapy (Medical Dowsing) and Radionic Therapy.

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