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Gentle Techniques for the Foot

Balancing the Foot can relieve pain and restore order in the rest of the spine.


We can show you a whole system of analysis for the foot and legs. How to spot the misalignments and how to restore order.

You must pay attention to the leg bones as well. The tibia, fibula and femur are usually involved in foot problems. But of course you have to have regard to the whole spine anyway. That goes without saying.

Our DVD’s will guide you step by step in this work.

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 Posted on : March 27, 2014 - Last updated on Jun 2, 2014


Chiropractor and general practitioner of alternative therapies full time since 1976. Practicing in Stillorgan, Co. Dublin, Ireland and providing Koren Chiropractic (KST), German homoeopathic treatment, Matrix Energetics (Instructor Level), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) , Age Regression Hypno-Therapy, Emotion Code (Dr Bradley Nelson ), Allergy Testing, Mineral, Vitamin and Heavy Metal Analysis, Now Therapy, Bio-Resonance Therapy (Medical Dowsing) and Radionic Therapy.

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